Housekeeper London, Maid

Housekeeper, Maid

Housekeeper, Maid London


Maids provided by Cinderellas are selected for their experience and proficiency at general domestic cleaning duties, kitchen maintenance, laundry/ironing, bed making and routine bedding & linen changes. They will work according to the instruction and priorities of either the client or the housekeeper.


Housekeepers provided by Cinderellas will help manage the household affairs assigned to them in an proficient and organized manner. This can be on a live in or live out basis. They are expected to be competent and experienced in domestic cleaning duties, the preparation of daily meals and the provision of daily shopping necessities. They will take care of the daily laundry, ironing and folding requirements with efficiency and precision. Their primary responsibility is the maintenance and organisation of an orderly household however they will show initiative in undertaking other domestic tasks that contribute to the maintenance of a dignified household.

Your individual requirements will be used to source a housekeeper with the personality and skill profile that best fits your circumstances. Your may require someone that has a good rapport with young children, is a particularly competent cook, has excellent organisational skills as a personal assistant or simply has good all-round abilities.

You are welcome to combine your housekeeper or maid service with any of the other services we provide. Please call to discuss the options. Our fully staffed office is open 8am-6pm Mon-Fri.

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Housekeeper :
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  • Professional Service
  • Simple hourly rate
  • No contract lock-in
  • Same helper every week
  • Helpers vetted and trained
  • Can cancel anytime giving 24hrs notice
  • Fully Insured
London Housekeeper, Maid

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