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Pet Care,Dog Walking

Pet Care, Dog Walking London

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Dog Walking

Are you a busy professional? Are you busy with your family? Or are you simply unable to spend that extra time with your dog? Cinderellas offers a fantastic dog walking service. Our professional and caring helpers will ensure your beloved pet is given the attention it needs.

Cinderellas offers an individual dog walking service. We do not have vans that drive around and collect your dog nor do we walk five or six dogs at a time. Our service is personalized to your dog's needs and energy. Our helper will visit your home and walk your dog according to your instructions.

Cat Feeding

Sometimes it is best to keep your cat in your home while you are away. We can arrange a helper to visit and feed your cat on the days you request. The helper will also give your cat some tender loving attention during each visit.

Other Animals

If you have other animals that require non specialist care then please contact us to tell us more. We may very well be able to help.

Cost saving tip

Our services have a 2 hour minimum per visit. This can be longer than is required to care for your pet. You are welcome to combine the pet care with our other services. Our helper could feed your cat, give it some one on one attention and then with the time that is left, work through a list of household tasks. For example :-

Clear the mail from your front door
Water your pot plants and garden
Clean your windows
Give your house a full spring clean
Clean the oven
To Book :
020 8241 6489
or Online :
  • Professional Service
  • Simple hourly rate
  • No extra charges
  • No joining fee
  • No contract lock-in
  • Same helper every week
  • Helpers vetted and trained
  • Can cancel anytime giving 24hrs notice
  • Try and then decide
  • Fully Insured
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