Cinderellas Residential Services : Terms and Conditions

By accepting an offer of services from Cinderellas Residential Services the client indicates their acceptance of these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions then please contact us prior to accepting our services to resolve your questions.

1. Cinderellas Residential Services (the agency) agrees to provide an exceptional home help service tailored to the Clients specific needs.

2. If at any point the Client is unsatisfied with the service, the Client may request that a new worker be located and referred.

3. The Client may cancel a job when necessary by giving at least 24 hours notice. Should a worker arrive at a property and is unable to work for any reason (i.e. are told they are not needed, or the owner has double locked the door and inadequate keys have been given, or the customer is not home at the designated time to let them in, or an alarm has been left on and no code given etc) the client will be expected to pay the full workers cleaning fee and agency fee, for that day, on their worker's next visit.

4. Cancellation or change of all job arrangements must be made through the office. It is not sufficient to just notify a worker of changes.

5. The Client is not bound to any contract of time with the agency. In the event of repeated cancellations or amendments, the agency reserves the right to schedule alternative cleaners.

6. The agency reserves the right to terminate cleaning arrangements with a client at any given time.

7. If a worker is unable to attend the Client on a given day and the Client requests an alternative, the agency will make every effort to organise an alternative worker.

8. Should a client's designated day fall on a public/bank holiday it is to be expected that the worker will not work and will be unable to do so until their next scheduled appointment. Some workers are, however, happy to work on bank holidays. Please contact the office well in advance to make relevant arrangements. In the event the Cinderellas office is not contacted, a helper will not be sent.

9. The agency's insurance policy covers any major accidental damage the helper may cause in a Client's home, either to their person or to a Client's property. Any minor accidental damage is the liability of the worker (all Cinderellas Residential Services workers have signed a statement to indicate they are aware and responsible for this). Notification to the agency of damage must occur within 7 days of accident occurring. Claims will be assessed individually. General wear and tear of cleaning equipment / electrical equipment / household fixtures and fittings is to be expected and is not covered by this policy. Any loss of client's property becomes a police matter. The agency is not responsible for theft.

10. The referred worker(s) is under the direct supervision of the Client. The client understands that they are responsible for providing all instructions and directions to the worker regarding the work required in their home. This includes instructions for special objects or materials/fabrics/surfaces and preferred product use within the house. If the instructions are not being understood or completed the Client can seek the assistance of the agency office staff to resolve the matter. The client takes full responsibility for damage that may occur in their home whilst a worker is carrying out instructions from the client.

11. The client is responsible for supplying products to be used within the house. The agency is not responsible for loss or damage caused by bleach and /or acid or anything containing bleach and /or acid, nor is it covered by the agency's insurance policy. The client takes full responsibility for damage that may occur in their home whilst a worker is using products supplied by the client. Safety equipment and clothing is to be provided for the use of chemicals, especially acid and bleach.

12. The Client will pay the worker at the completion of the tasks assigned on each visit or if more than one day per week is worked then payment is to be made weekly. Failure to make payment within 14 days of a scheduled visit may result in cancellation of the service. A late payment recovery fee of £20 may be applied after 2 late payment reminders have been issued.

13. The Client will pay the agency an administrative fee for the provision of the referral service. This is included in the hourly rate. The contract for work is directly between the client and the self employed worker. The agency does not employ the worker. The self-employed worker is normally paid directly by the client at the completion of each job. In the circumstance that the workers fee is transferred to the agency by the client, the agency will transfer this fee to the worker. The transfer of the workers fee via the agency in no way indicates that the agency employs the worker.

14. The Client agrees never to make any financial / private arrangements with the worker other than those directly arranged by Cinderellas Residential Services. This also means that should a worker leave the agency they are still obligated under the terms and conditions of the agency to never work for a client introduced to them through the agency in a private capacity. The client will only introduce a worker of the agency to family, friends or associates, with the intention of further work, after first discussing this with agency Office Staff.

15. The Client understands that the worker has also agreed that they will not enter into any work directly or privately arranged with the Client other than that established by the agency. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any such action would result in the termination of all referred work for the worker and a termination of the agreement between the agency and the client. Both worker and Client will be expected to pay a £250.00 referral fee each. If the worker's weekly hours are greater than 10 then the client referral fee is £1000.

16. Copyright: All rights including that of copyright, for the content of the web pages and all other documents, forms, written material, illustrations and images associated with the services are owned by Cinderellas Residential Services. By accessing, you are agreeing that you may only download the content for the direct purpose of receiving services from Cinderellas Residential Services. You are not permitted to copy, download, broadcast, store on any medium, transmit, show or play in public, adapt or modify in any way the content owned by Cinderellas Residential Services for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of Cinderellas Residential Services.

17. No waiver given by us shall be interpreted as a waiver of any past or future breach of any provision.

18. Each provision of the Conditions shall be interpreted as separately applying and surviving even in the circumstance that one or other of those provisions is held to be unenforceable or inapplicable.

19. These Conditions regulate our relationship with you. Any modification of these Conditions must be in writing and signed by both parties. You must not relied on any representation except where that representation has been made a term within these Conditions and you agree that you shall have no remedy in respect of any representation. Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

20. English law applies to all services provided by Cinderellas Residential Services, and any disputes will be heard in the courts of England and Wales.

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